G5 GK3 Massage Machine

Item No: G5 GK3 Massage Machine

The G5 GK-3 is a quiet & powerful Massage Machine designed for rugged use in the office, clinic, school, gym, training room or home. Each GK-3 has a 47 3/4" long, light-weight, smooth drive cable attached to a durable applicator head, to provide greater versatility and ease of use. The GK-3 incorporates a dial-controlled, variable-speed output, with speeds from 20 - 60 cycles per second.

Unit Advantages:
• Economical
• Stand Mount or Portable Configurations
• Basic Control Panel with CPS Indicator (Low, Medium, High)
• Comes complete with choice of applicator package

Made in USA

CAD $990.00

G5 GK3 Massage Machine
Skin and Scalp Surface
Four-Ball Firm Rubber
Multiple Prong Applicator
Curved Flex Sponge and Frame
Large Round Firm Rubber